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What is the Nadeshiko League?

Founded in 1989, the Japan Women’s Football League, nicknamed ‘Nadeshiko League’, is a non-professional league for female soccer players in Japan.

Currently, there are 22 teams nationwide in this top amateur league.

The Nadeshiko League has two divisions – Division 1 with 12 teams and Division 2 with 10 teams. Each consist of a wide variety of organizations with affiliations to the Japan Professional Football League (J. League), citizen’s clubs (NPOs), companies, and universities. The league is organized by the Japan Football Association (JFA) and the Japan Women’s Football League, with matches held throughout Japan.


2023.01.30 Category: player
Episode 18 Marin Hamamoto (midfielder, Yamato Sylphid)

The goals envisaged by profess […]

2023.01.30 Category: player
Episode 17 Miharu Takahashi (goalkeeper, Shizuoka SSU Bonita)

Goalkeeper who became team cap […]

2023.01.30 Category: player
Episode 16 Yurie Konishi (forward, Tsukuba FC Ladies)

Playing football while conduct […]

2023.01.26 Category: player
Episode 15 Rua Nishimura (forward, Kibi International University Charme Okayama Takahashi)

The child mascot who realized […]

2022.12.19 Category: player
Nadeshiko Leaguers Running into the Future Episode 14 Sana Kishino (forward, Okayama Yunogo Belle)

Okayama Yunogo Belle was a per […]

2022.11.28 Category: player
Nadeshiko Leaguers Running into the Future Episode 13 Kotono Kirihata (goalkeeper, Veertien Mie Ladies)

The annual awards ceremony mar […]

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